The Renters Lawyer - San Diego Tenant Defense

The Law Offices of David L. McCarthy

Services Provided

  • Habitability Issues
  • Quiet Enjoyment Issues
  • 3/30/60/90 Day Notices
  • Restraining Orders
  • Lease Breaks
  • Commercial Lease Review
  • Defending Foreclosure Evictions
  • Residential and Commercial Tenancies 
  • Defending Evictions and Sheriff Lockouts
  • Setting Aside Default Judgments
  • Deposit Returns
  • Repair Issues
  • Stopping Harassment
  • Mobile Home Residency Law



A Consultation is usually the first step in resolving your landlord/tenant issue.  

Typically, a consultation followed by a letter or phone call from the attorney to the Landlord can resolve many issues.

Consultations are affordably priced. 

All services are provided at reasonable, flat rates and not charged hourly so that the client is aware of how exactly much each service will cost.